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Have We Finally Found the Best Solution for Anxiety?

by Paul Petersen
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Sweaty palms, racing thoughts and pounding heart, are the unwelcome symptoms that make life unbearable for people living with anxiety. WHO estimates that that one in every thirteen people in the globe today suffer from anxiety, making it one of the common mental disorders. Now, research into anxiety has shown that cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the high potential solutions. 

In a study referred to as Double-Blind Study done in 2019, researchers established that the anti-anxiety properties of CBD could help to reduce the symptoms related to the disorder. A daily dose of 300 mg of CBD offered relief that is equivalent to Paroxetine, one of the common medications used for treating the condition. 

Earlier in 2010, another study established that CBD could be used to reduce symptoms of those suffering from social anxiety disorders. 

As more studies corroborate the findings that CBD is a good solution for anxiety, they also emphasize on using the right method of administration. Check these methods of application below and determine the one that best suits you. 

Sublingual Administration 

The commonest forms of CBD in the market are tinctures or oils, which are applied sublingually. The sublingual application method involves placing a few drops of CBD under the tongue, making it easy for rapid absorption into the bloodstream. The main advantage of the sublingual application is that it is not broken down by the digestive system. Therefore, you can anticipate getting higher doses of CBD into your blood system fast using sublingual application compared to using oral or topical administration.

The fast uptake of CBD into the bloodstream using the sublingual method means it is very effective, especially when you need fast pain relief from conditions such as migraines. 

Oral Administration 

Another common method of taking CBD is swallowing so that your body absorbs it via the cells of the digestive system. When you use this method, it is important to appreciate that it first has to be broken down in the liver before being released into the blood system. Once you take CBD orally, it will take over 30 minutes to reach the bloodstream. 

CBD Dosing for Anxiety

Notably, there is no universally recommended dosage for CBD on anxiety. Some studies show people suppressing the symptoms of anxiety using a low daily dosage of 30 mg while others use as high as 300 mg. So, when deciding the CBD dosage to take daily, you should factor the following: 

  • Bodyweight.
  • Concentration. 
  • The severity of your anxiety.
  • The method of application. 

The rule of the thumb when using CBD is starting with a low dosage, such as 50 mg per day, and increasing it as your body gets used to it. This method is also recommended in helping to reduce the side effects of CBD. Besides, you might want to talk to your personal doctor about the right CBD dosage for anxiety before getting started. 

If you have been suffering from the anxiety-related disorders, CBD has been demonstrated to be one of the top remedies. So, do not give up before trying CBD. Remember also to buy high-quality CBD from the best traders.

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