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Beauty Tips for Guys

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Guys can be tough to shop for! Whether you’re buying for a male friend, son, husband, partner, it’s often difficult to figure out what they want and need. It’s even harder to try to find a unique, meaningful gift when it seems like everything is available to everyone at every time online. Here are a few ideas you may not have considered that will go over well with the man or men in your life!

A Clean Shave

Professional shaves Portland Or are the guys’ equivalent to a spa day. Springing for a trip to an old-school shaving parlor is a refreshing treat that any man will enjoy. It may even become habit forming! Set an appointment and pay in advance (with a tip), and they’ll be much more likely to show up than they will if you just give them a gift card.

A Wearable Multi-Tool

Regardless of what a man does for a living, he should have a multi-tool on him at almost all times. Whether he works with his hands or behind a desk, odds are that at least once a day, he’ll at least need to open a box or envelope or change some batteries. While a big, bulky multi-tool is fine if he wears a utility belt to work, if he wears a polo and khakis, it won’t work. Try a multi-tool that’s been fashioned into a stylish bracelet, complete with screwdriver heads and hex drives.

A Clothing Subscription

One of the hottest trends in gifts over the last few years is clothing subscription boxes. These are available for women, men, and even pets! For a monthly fee (sometimes with a minimum order requirement) you receive a box with clothing items in his size for him to sample. What he receives is based on questions about his personal style. He returns what he doesn’t want and keeps what he does!

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