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A brief summary on Mesotherapy

by Clare Louise
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Mesotherapy is a non-surgical skin treatment that comprises of multiple injections into the dermal or subcutaneous layer of the skin to deliver small amounts of a specific solution. It was French Doctor Michael Pistor that set the ball rolling.

This solution can be made of various complex compounds such as platelet-rich plasma, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, glutathione, botulinum toxin, hormones or micro fat, vitamins and minerals etc.  Glutathione is naturally produced in the body but ina minute quantity. This controversial antioxidant is used by many celebrities to reduce the production of melanin for the purposeof skin lightening.

Does it deliver results?

Since the solution is made up of several complex components, the results alter depending on the solution. The principle behind this treatment is that the tension created by the needles along with the solution will lead to the production of collagen, which will consequently result in younger-looking, rejuvenated skin.

The different components further intensify the treatment, causing firm and tight skin. Recurring treatments can lead to a reduction of fine lines, thicker dermis, and healthy-looking skin. The treatment also helps in moisturizing the skin which is a great option for those suffering from dry or dehydrated skin.

What does the procedure entail?

As soon as you enter any acclaimed institute like Clinique Anti-aging center, you’ll be acquainted with a trained professional who will walk you through the procedure. He will educate you on the subject, decide which treatment is suitable for your skin type and review the probable side effects.

Once you give the go-ahead, the Doctor will apply a numbing cream all over your face or any targeted area and make you wait for about half an hour. You will then receive several injections through the medium of a medical gun. You don’t have to panic as it’s a completely pain-free procedure and lasts for only about 45 minutes.

If you have a phobia for needles, there is a no-needle procedure that involves the use of a low-frequency skin restoration device that will infiltrate these active ingredients deep into the skin.

Do you have to take a break, post-treatment?

The treatment does involve downtime but it is for a short period as you can experience scarring or reddishness in the course of the next few days. It’s highly recommended that the patient take a few days off to recover. If you’re anxious about the appearance of bruises, you can opt for over-the-counter medications like Lycogel that is designed to conceal unsightly marks.


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