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 How To Disconnect On Your Vacation Doing Physical Exercise

by Donna Corn
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Do you think that in your vacation weeks, your mind disconnects from the routine completely? When you return to your job, do you feel that you have recharged enough energy to meet the new challenges?

Some terms such as ‘workaholic’ or ‘burnout,’ defined by the WHO as “occupational phenomena of high prevalence due to work stress that has not been resolved or managed,” affect around 22% of the total active population.

This lack of disconnection and departure from your environment and job responsibilities causes you to:

  • Physical problems such as hypertension, migraines, or exhaustion
  • Changes in your mood that can go from a simple decay to a depression
  • Insomnia and trouble falling asleep
  • Changes in appetite that cause sudden increases or decreases in weight, fatal for good health
  • Muscle tension
  • Alteration of sexual desire

Job stress causes chronic damage, both physical and psychological health of those who suffer. You may not have reached those stress levels (or so you think), but it is difficult for you to keep your mind away from the office, even on your vacation days.

From the labor point of view, it is more than important to move away from the work environment for a period of time to achieve the mental unlocking that stress causes you. Numerous studies state that the yield is increased by 10-15%.

How To Get This In Your 2 Holiday Weeks

The synonym for vacations has always been hammock, beach, and cocktáil in hand. But what if we tell you that it does not help you disconnect 100%? What if we affirm that sport is the key to the summer disconnection you need?

Yes, continuing to play sports with die besten Outdoor-Fitnessgeräte during your vacation will increase your sense of well-being thanks to the release of endorphins, in addition, fatigue will allow you to rest more deeply and quality.

Thanks to physical exercise, your cortisol production is controlled, which will regulate your ventral hippocampal inhibitory mechanisms, that is, you will reduce and keep both stress and anxiety under control.

What Activities To Do

  • Take advantage that you have more free time and venture into different activities that break the monotony
  • Take advantage of the beachas a stage for your exercise: running, long walks, swimming, or even a workoutin the sand
  • Propose to your trainer training sessions that are out of the ordinary, and that makes you feel out of the monotony
  • Organize hiking trails ormountain biking at times where the sun is less strong
  • Maybe it’s time to start some yoga classesto learn to control your mind and body
  • Find out about the infinity of aquatic activitiesthat exist. Diving, snorkeling, kayaking, etc
  • Digital disconnection.Dispense with the devices you work with and avoid temptations such as: reading emails, checking pending tasks, or answering calls you can expect.
  • Don’tplan so much. Forget about alarms, agendas, reminders. Enjoy your free time just like that, freely

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